LifestyleHQ - LHQ Bicycle Reviews


Emily Jordan a year ago

Just got my bike yesterday and it is so fun and smooth. Lightweight up and down stairs and super slick looking. Seriously thought this was too good to be true. Andrew personally ensured I got the bike sooner -- instead of shipping FedEx next day, he personally delivered the bike because there was a holiday that would've slowed shipping. It's really hard to find a quality product backed my someone who really cares and goes the extra mile customer service-wise and that aspect of the purchase blew me away. Once it arrived, assembly took me all of 10 minutes -- I am not an experienced mechanic or bike expert. My boyfriend is 5 '11 and I'm 5 '6 and the bike fits both of us perfectly. SUCH a solid commuter, price for value is right on, would highly highly recommend.

Sebastian Alappat a year ago

I just received this bike and am completely blown away by its design. It is a beautifully made minimalist bike with such a nice finish. I received it in less than 12 hours after i ordered it and it came right to my door. I'm no bike mechanic but i was able to put it together myself in no time at all. The bike is such a beautiful design and I'm so excited to ride this bike. I also received a lot of help from LHQ during the set up. Fantastic purchase , would def recommend !