LHQ Single Speed Bicycle - Minimalist Design - Standardized Component Choices - Maintenance, Service & Components Available in Every City, Worldwide August 06 2015, 0 Comments

LHQ Single Speed Bicycle - Minimalist Design - Standardized Component Choices - Maintenance, Service & Components Available in Every City, Worldwide

Each component on these bicycles can be serviced or replaced at your local bike shop, by any mechanic, worldwide

LHQ Bicycle Component Choices & Value Proposition Include Investing in components that are the most durable, highest performance, aesthically pleasing, and most compatible in the single speed bicycle form - Delivering to you the best urban bicycle product in the USA per specification, performance, style, and value

The minimalist design choices include the value proposition of choosing to manufacture and assemble LHQ bicycles with standardized components such as a 1/2"1/8" chain & freewheel for the drivetrain. This one of the most basic drivetrains ever invented for a bicycle that has been in use for more than a century. There is very little to go wrong here. Replacement parts and maintenance can be obtained in every world city and in the smallest towns of any country - worldwide

We like bicycle drivetrains with standard Chains and Freewheels  because of Simplicity, Reliability, Worldwide Component Compatibility Serviceability, Affordability, RideQuality, Performance, Overall Structural Integrity & Aesthetic Pleasure. No special order parts, no complicated adjustments - straightforward simplicity here.

LHQ Bicycle Components - Brake Choices: 2 brakes, front and rear. These are bicycles designed for riding in real life. Your life is valuable. Safety and the ability to stop and regulate speed is essential when riding bicycles. You need to be able to stop and control your speed at any moment for obstacles, people, motor vehicles, traffic signals and signs. Dual Caliper Brakes with high quality springs and adjustable angle brake pads will stay centered on the frame and fork while the brake pads are adjustable to stay flush with the CNC rim surface for proper, responsive braking and consistent brake pad wear

Note: Coaster Brakes are not reliable to stop effectively in emergencies, or to regulate speed with precision. Coaster brakes are not adjustable, or responsive enough for any serious riding, or for riding in serious situations like in NYC traffic, prolonged steep descents, situations with obstacles or any serious consequences. Coaster brakes are good for riding on a cul-de-sac or driveway situation when you are learning to ride a bike, perhaps

Note: Single Brake Calipers - "One Brake Up Front" - "Fixies" that are not ridden as fixed gear bicycles, that come with only one brake are not intended to be ridden as single speed bicycles. This is not ok - this is dangerous - under no circumstance, unless in an emergency, should single speed bicycles be ridden without 2 working brakes

MTB / Road Inspired Design for Performance, Durability, Ergonomics: LHQ Bicycle Components MTB style Stem, Bars & Brake levers + LHQ Custom Frame & Fork Geometry

LHQ Custom, Proprietary Design & Component Specification - Urban Cycling - The ideal rider positioning for performance and comfort

Mountain biking requires that the rider is in the most optimal positioning for navigating serious obstacles while riding, seeing, steering, braking, pedaling - all at once - to effectively and safely cover ground in all circumstance, and avoid accidents. LHQ SS design features an aluminum frame with a tall headtube and MTB Components to put the rider in correct positioning to look ahead, see obstacles, and react with steering, braking, and riding maneuvers in the city, just like when mountain biking over some serious terrain in the woods. The super burly MTB Spec steel fork will absorb vibration and make the ride comfortable. The Lightweight oversized aluminum frame tubing provides high performance acceleration and handling. Clearance for 700*35C+ tires.

HighEnd Sealed Bearing CNC AluminumHubs with aluminum dust caps, 36 Stainless Steel Spokes & Brass Nipples, CNC Sidewall wide profile Rims - 700*28C tires stock

Black Velour All Weather Saddle + Black Aluminum Trim Lock-on Grips - Black on Black on Chrome - Super Tight Finishing details and overall Appearance

The LHQ SS Bicycle is ready to perform out of the box without any component extras or component modifications